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SecDevOps: security integreren in de development lifecycle

Een veilige applicatie bouwen vereist dat er voldoende aandacht wordt besteed aan beveiliging tijdens development en tijdens operations. Tijdens deze workshop wordt dit allemaal heel duidelijk!

Participants of the course will be introduced to past, present and future approaches regarding secure application development while utilising multiple tools and technologies. Each student gets access to their own cloud based environment containing multiple hosts, services and tools which are typically found in the SDLC. This includes Version Control, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Automated Deployment and of course, Continuous Security.
The course allows students to see how they can produce software artefacts such that when these artefacts are a result of a SecDevOps SDLC, they inherently exhibit qualities of secure artefacts ready for deployment.
The SecDevOps course is structured around several Labs that introduce the students to the concepts and methodologies thought.

Workshop, georganiseerd door ZIONSECURITY


woensdag 31 januari 07:00 t/m donderdag 1 februari 17:00

AE - Architects for Business & ICT Interleuvenlaan 27/B 3001 Heverlee (Leuven)




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