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Internet of Things security

Tijdens deze tweedaagse opleiding zal de security expert Aditya Gupta, oprichter van Attify in de US, een hands-on workshop geven over beveiliging van Internet of Things devices.

After the class, the attendees will be able to:
Extract and analyze device firmwares
Debug and Disassemble binaries
Exploit UART, SPI, I2C and JTAGs
JTAG debugging, exploitation
Dump firmware through various techniques
Debug hardware ands oftware
Analyze security of MQTT, CoAP and M2MXML protocols
Attack cloud and mobile component of an IoT device
Sniff, Replay, MITM and Attack Radio communications
BLE and Zigbee exploitation
ARM and MIPS Reversing
Conventional and Un-conventional attack techniques
Side Channel Attacks (Clock, Vcc glitching, breaking crypto)
Write exploits for the platforms and more.
All the above mentioned topics are taught with an extremely hands-on lab based practical sessions.

Workshop, georganiseerd door ZIONSECURITY


maandag 29 januari 09:00 t/m dinsdag 30 januari 17:00

AE, Interleuvenlaan 27/B, 3001 Haasrode




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