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Enterprise Decision Management - a weblog: SOA

Professionele blog over SOA.

SOA Blog Post on TechRepublic

Blog posts for SOA.

Rain, The MashUp Experience

Rain stands for RApid INnovation: A dynamic environment uniquely designed to help organizations envision the future using SAP. Its goal is to help companies unleash business value from the constraints of traditional IT and helps you discover and develop new business models using innovation to build the Service-Oriented Enterprise.

The Open Group

Understanding SOA and shaping its development is now a must for everyone concerned with information technology in the enterprise. The majority of enterprises are investing in SOA, or plan to do so. Vendors and consultancies are rushing to develop SOA products and services. The topic of the moment for CIOs, Strategists, and Architects is, 'How can we make SOA a reality?'

Rain (RApid INnovation)

A dynamic, open environment helping you to discover, develop and deliver sustainable new business models using collaboration and innovation to build the Service-Oriented Enterprise.

SAP Community Network

Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture.

BPM with SOA Forum

BPM and SOA.

The SOA Suite Discussion Forum - Oracle

The SOA Suite Discussion Forum is for questions and discussions about all components of the Oracle SOA Suite including BPEL, OWSM, ESB, Rules , Adapters, B2B and Registry.

The SOA Network

Resource Network for Service-Oriented Architecture.

The SOA Forum - WebLayers

The SOA Forum is an exclusive Fortune 500 roundtable of enterprise architects who are mandated with the challenging mission of creating a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in their enterprises using XML and Web Services Technologies.


Welcome to - a portal dedicated to the advancement of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

A peer-to-peer exchange for Service Oriented Architecture Professionals.

Atos Enterprise Architecture

Op deze plek geven Atos Originals hun blik op enterprise architecture.

Roundtable: Technology Trends for 2008: BPM and SOA (webinar)

One of questions we get asked most often from our members is: “What is the relationship between BPM and SOA?” There is a lot of confusion as to whether you can do one without the other. Should you? Should you start building services first or designing processes first? Experts and leading vendors will take part in this exciting event.

Introducing a New Vision for SOA Governance (webinar)

Companies that are successful with SOA have something in common – they have mastered the art of deploying SOA governance. Join this Webinar to learn what these companies know about SOA governance that helps them consistently meet their business objectives.

Giews Workstation Wiki

Welcome to the Giews Workstation Wiki. Here we can elaborate all texts needed to develop the Giews Workstation version 3.0.

SOA Governance: Crucial Necessity or Waste of Time?

The term "governance" has been regularly appearing in IT publications and conferences for some time, but among technical circles, such discussions are often yawn-provoking at best. This article provides a developer-friendly guide to SOA Governance, starting with the general notion of IT governance down through design-time and the second runtime Governance.

Why do Java developers hate BPM?

In een SOA wordt BPM gebruikt met het idee dat managers de BPM kunnen definieren. In de praktijk zijn het vaak weer de developers die de BPM vastleggen naar aanleiding van requirements van managers en daarmee is het hele idee van BPM weer helemaal bijna onderuit gehaald. Ware het niet dat het wel zin heeft om BPM te onderscheiden in de architectuur. De implementatie zou gewoon kunnen gebeuren met Java en niet met een door een manager te gebruiken 'teken en kleuren' tool.

ebizQ Podcast on Mainframe SOA: Rob Morris, GT Software

Podcast over SOA en mainframes. Er wordt met name ingegaan op hoe je echt SOA realiseert op een mainframe, en hoe dit verder gaat dan het simpel ver-SOA-fiseren van mainframe functies in web-services.

The iTKO SOA Testing & Validation Soapbox

Weblog over SOA testing. Door dat moderne systeemarchitecturen steeds complexer worden, met meer lagen en meer middleware componenten is een totaal andere aanpak van testen dan in een traditionele systeemontwikkelomgeving noodzakelijk. Bovendien, doordat iteraties steeds kleiner worden en elkaar steeds sneller opvolgen wordt geautomatiseerd testen steeds belangrijker. Deze weblog behandelt dit onderwerp.

CBDI Service Oriented Architecture Practice Portal

IBM Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a business-centric IT architectural approach that supports integrating your business as linked, repeatable business tasks, or services. With Smart SOA, you can find value at every stage of the SOA continuum, from departmental projects to enterprise-wide initiatives.

IBM SOA Widget

Your personal SOA assistant is here! With this widget running on your machine, you will receive up to the minute updates around customer case studies, presentations, analyst reports, SOA whitepapers, SOA newsletters, events, and more in one convenient location. It can enhance the learning curve of any CIO, CTO, System Architect, IT Director, and efficiency of a developer, or consultant who interacts with SOAs. Rest assured with the SOA widget you will have the latest IBM SOA information at your fingertips.

Putting It All Together (IBM, with case studies)

I am on the North Carolina coast today, and I am surprised to learn that more than 2,000 shipwrecks have occurred off these coasts. Why so many? Hurricanes, treacherous shoals, unpredictable weather, and war caused the majority of the wrecks. My family and I rented jet skis and went exploring around the area to check out and learn about the history. It was neat to see how many other captains had “learned” about the ways to predict and avoid such hazards in the area and were able to successfully reach the North Carolina shore. In the same way, this final chapter helps companies create a plan for their journey toward innovation. A set of guiding principles and goals is the focus of this chapter as you continue your flex-pon-sive journey.

SOA World Magazine

Website met allerhande informatie en meningen over SOA.

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